Ways to win in Canadian Politics – Vancouver Style

When Gregor Robertson and his municipal party won the mayoral race in Vancouver this fall, it showed the story of the value of an authentic apology and of positive campaigning. Ah, so Canadian. Excuse me, pardon me… if it’s not too much to ask, sorry for being too aggressive with the urbanism and density things. It’s going to slow down. Will you’ll trust me if I show that I’m listening to you? Vancouverites said yes, they would. With a little help from a strong political team with help from non other than Ontario’s master, Don Guy, Robertson looked to inspire the electorate to not only show up to vote, but to vote for him.

The Globe and Mail’s Gary Mason sums it up for the political watchers in this article with his look at taking the risk of the political apology, and dropping the negative ads in favour of taking the high road.

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